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Jacque Maribe mixed signals over baby daddy ceasefire

Ex-Tv girl Jacque Maribe on Thursday posted a video of herself appearing to mend fences with her baby daddy Eric Omondi, only to delete it moments later.

In the deleted video which had been shared on her Instagram page, Maribe suggested it was time for her and Omondi to move forward.

“Life has its ups and downs but with communication, tolerance, understanding, and true friends like Simon Kabu, Eric, and I can now move forward,” she wrote.

The video, which featured Bonfire Adventures owner Simon Kabu, showed Maribe and Omondi holding hands and apologizing to each other and the public for airing their dirty laundry in public.

“After swimming, eating, and talking, there is white smoke at last. Every step in life is a lesson,” Kabu captioned the over four-minute video.

But the former Citizen Tv news anchor appeared to change her mind a couple of hours later, as she suggested in a separate post on the same social media platform that she was out to look for happiness.

“Time out, time to leave me alone. Time to get me time and be happy.”

Maribe’s flip-flops came a week after she was involved in what turned out to be an ugly spat with Omondi on social media.

Maribe accused the Omondi of being an irresponsible father but the comedian responded by suggesting he was not sure the baby was his. Omondi also introduced another journalist Sam Ogina, now married, to Maribe’s private life.

But a section of Kenyan on social media has bashed Kabu, suggesting Maribe appeared intoxicated in the video that has since been deleted.

“Shame on you for exploiting that drunk lady and putting it up as an interview. That’s the most shameful thing I have seen in a while,” argued Waihiga Mutero,

“See the way her arms are crossed? And she looks so uncomfortable. There is no white smoke. She is on defense mode, and you guys are just humiliating her more. ?,” another fan opined.