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Jacque Maribe’s father warms hearts for playing ‘world’s best daddy’

By NAHASHON MUSUNGU September 29th, 2018 1 min read

Jacque Maribe’s father has warmed many hearts on social media for steadfastly standing by her daughter at her time of need.

Clad in a blue suit, white shirt and matching tie, Maribe’s father effectively played the role of bodyguard when he accompanied his celebrity daughter to Kilimani Police station and later on Directorate of Criminal Investigations this week.

Maribe is at the centre of investigations into the gruesome murder of 28-year old Monica Kimani who has since been buried.

The news anchor’s boyfriend Joseph Irungu is the main suspect and is currently in custody.


Nairobi News understands Maribe left the house she shares with Irungu when she got wind of police looking for him and rushed to her father’s house for ‘protection’.

At some point during their stay at the Police station, Maribe’s dad was spotted literally shielding her daughter from the clicking cameras and a battery of journalists even as the lady at the centre of attraction, donning a cap and hoodie appeared petrified.

Father and daughter were later whisked into a police vehicle and taken to an unknown destination, reportedly for further questioning.

All this while, the news anchor close friends and fellow celebrities were no where to be seen.