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Jacque Maribe’s response to haters, critics

By Winnie Mabel September 25th, 2022 2 min read

Jacque Maribe is now blaming the devil for scheming to water down her success stories.

In a series of messages on her Insta stories, the TV girl, who’s experienced a challenging recent past, also insisted she is not about to give up on the fight to be a success.

“This life no balance,” she pointed out.

“When good things happen in your life is when saitan (satan) sends his agents on overdrive. Tupo site! We are going to no evil destination. God is ever so faithful. Unone, ukonde, wewe (become fat, become thin, you) be happy with your life (and) leave others to their happiness.”

The former K24 and Citizen TV news anchor added she has no time to hate on her haters.

“My humility does not allow me to hate so I’ll just pray,” she pointed out.

Her sentiments came after she responded to online allegations indicating she had resorted to heavy drinking and was on suicide watch amid a series of challenges.

Nairobi News recently exclusively reported that Maribe had denied the allegations.

“Suicide watch? Depression? By who? When? Why? I don’t even drink. I’m happy and healthy. But ni life, sasa watu wakitaka clicks tufanye? (But it is life, if people want clicks, what do we do?).” she told Nairobi News.

Maribe further stressed her family was not worried about her well-being and did not follow up on negative stories concocted by bloggers.

Maribe is, alongside her ex-boyfriend Joe ‘Jowie’ Irungu currently battling murder charges in relation to the death of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The prosecution has specifically accused her of helping cover the crime.

This incident has so far cost the journalist her successful career as part of the bail terms prohibit her from reading the news.

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