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Jadudi undergoes fifth brain surgery in India

University of Nairobi student Emmanuel Otieno, better known as Jadudi, underwent his fifth brain surgery in India on Wednesday night.

News of his latest surgery was announced by Africa Cancer Foundation CEO Zawadi Nyong’o.

Ms Nyong’o on Thursday morning shared a photo of Jadudi recuperating in his hospital bed after undergoing the surgery.

Jadudi left Kenya for India two weeks ago for a medical review after his fourth brain surgery to remove a tumor last year.

But during the review, doctors noticed another cancerous tumor developing in his brain which prompted the latest surgery.

Jadudi, a third year political science and sociology student, came to the limelight in August 2015 when blogger Jackson Biko penned an emotional piece on his battle with a brain tumor that had left his family devastated and despondent.

The Africa Cancer Foundation opened an M-Pesa account to collect donations for Jadudi’s treatment.

Sh7 million was raised within a day Through the #1MiliForJadudi campaign.

The money raised enabled Jadudi to fly to Chennai, India where he underwent a four-hour brain surgery on August 29, 2015 at Apollo Hospital and arrived back in Kenya three days later.