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Opinion divided over photo of Jaguar crossing raw sewer

Starehe parliamentary candidate Charles “Jaguar” Kanyi has left Kenyans online divided after he shared a photo of himself crossing a sewer in the city.

Jaguar, who has been crisscrossing Starehe constituency for votes, had shared the image portraying life in some of the city slums.

In the photo, the musician-turned-politician is seen crossing a dirty sewer by stepping on solid waste while a man accompanying him wades through the dirty water.

Kenyans on Instagram expressed mixed reactions with some lauding Jaguar for reaching out to slum dwellers while others accused him of only remembering such dwellers during elections.

Some users likened his actions to the recent trend of politicians dining in vibandas with the locals while other users urged the people of Starehe to give the political novice a chance.


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Tatewilliam1451 commented, “Pls Mhesh make it a better place, we are behind you.”

Emms.nzioka stated, “I honestly don’t get the message from this picture.”

Raf_1738 commented, “Only if you drink that water. I will vote for u. lmao.”

Mariannduku wondered, “So kupita kwa takataka unamaanisha??? If this the kind of law makers we are sending to parliament Kenya is dead.”

Consoh_connie stated, “Now you see what state Starehe is in.”

Realkipchirchir commented, “Siasa ni hatari. During vote hunting, politicians can do anything but after elections…? Only God knows.”

Magdalenewambui stated, “That’s what we face… everyday in the slums… God just release us from this bondage… Amen.”

Nikomahinya commented, “African politics – to win the majority votes you must fake. Kenyans give him a chance, u never know what is in his heart.”

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Eunyulemrembo stated, “This is pathetic move, angepiga picha kaa anajenga daraja or cleaning the sewage ?????”

Adidiniro commented, “Its that season politicians watakula hadi madondo kwa kibanda to get votes… this is so fake!”

Yver9580 stated, “Whoever lied to some aspirants that walking in dirty places n taking pictures during campaign is a sign of humility makes me makes me laugh out loud.”

Keruwaweru commented, “That pic speaks volumes of how our leaders have fail. That’s where we voter call home. Make a point of fixing these when you get Starehe seat so that next time you can walk comfortably.”

Nazzarionjiru stated, “I don’t think This is REAL HUMILITY Am sure ukitoka apo ulienda kuosha.”