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Jaguar, entourage causes drama at ‘The Finest’ Valentine’s concert

By Rajab Zawadi February 16th, 2021 2 min read

Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar and his bodyguards caused drama at the well-attended ‘The Finest’ concert held at Royal Gardenia Grounds, Kiambu Road in the weekend.

All was going smoothly at the special Valentine’s concert until the musician-turned-politician arrived at the venue with his large entourage.

Jaguar and his huge team comprising of gospel singer DK Kwenye Beat, Gabu, their female companions and the MP’s bodyguards showed up late at around 5pm at the VIP lounge.

Finding no empty seats left, the Jaguar’s bodyguards opted to grab a seat for ‘Mheshimiwa’ from a male partygoer who was standing to get a better view of Otile Brown’s stage performance.

Things got messy when the partygoer confronted the MP’s bodyguards to retain his seat resulting in a physical altercation as the fan shouted to Jaguar, “usituletee userikali hapa”.

Jaguar and his crew stood by and watched the drama unfold without making any intervention.

He was forced to call for ceasefire when the scuffle started to attract the attention of other revellers forcing his bodyguards to leave the seat to the partygoer.

Jaguar was forced to stand until a number of revellers started to leave the venue and his bodyguards were able to fetch seats and a table for him and his crew.

The MP also turned down requests by photojournalists to take photographs of him and his team at the event organised by MG100, Spoton Vacation, Prestige Motors, Moran Liquors, Chris & Cate Ltd and Whiskey River.

Samidoh perfoms at The Finest concert held at Royal Gardenia Grounds, Kiambu Road.

Save for the drama, there was a huge turnout at the concert which proved to be the biggest event so far in 2021 with thrilling performances from a star-studded lineup.

Fast-rising 19-year-old songbird Nikita Kering was the first on stage delivering some powerful melodious vocals that got her a standing ovation from the VIP section.

Otile Brown was second on stage but he appeared rusty on his live performance.

The headliner, Tanzanian heartthrob Juma Jux, came on and got the crowd energised and screaming for about two hours as he serenaded the ladies with his beautiful live performance.

In the middle of his performance, Jux helped a fan surprise his girlfriend with a marriage proposal on stage.

Fan suprise girlfriend with proposal on Stage.

With curfew time fast approaching, fans demanded that Jux makes way for Mugithi sensation Samidoh, who did not disappoint on stage in his neat three-piece grey suit.