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Jaguar: I’m not quitting music anytime soon

Renowned singer and Chief Administrative Secretary Charles Kanyi Njagua aka Jaguar, has responded to critics who have urged him to quit making music following his recent collaboration with Lava Lava.

In an interview with Radio Maisha, the artiste of the popular hit song Kigeugeu emphasized that there is room for everyone in the creative industry.

“Hakuna mtu anakula space ya mwingine (No one is taking up another person’s space),” Jaguar said.

“Releasing my own song does not prevent others from having their music played. Music is my passion, and I will continue pursuing it, whether or not everyone appreciates it.”

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Addressing the issue of financial support for musicians, the former Starehe MP urged his colleagues to stop seeking him out when they are in need, clarifying that the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) was not intended to support the music industry.

He also defended himself against accusations of neglecting the development of laws to benefit musicians.

“The accusations leveled against me are baseless. I was not a representative of musicians. I was elected as the Member of Parliament for Starehe constituency. Only a few struggling artistes may claim to have experienced the journey I have gone through,” he said.

Highlighting his own experiences as an artiste, Jaguar shared details of his earnings from past shows.

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“Around seven years ago, as a Safaricom Live ambassador, I used to receive payments of approximately Sh6 million. Music indeed has the potential for great financial rewards if one is well-organized and produces quality music. It all comes down to planning,” he said.

Jaguar emphasized that music is a business, stating: “For instance, if I am called to perform in a club with only 200 attendees, I cannot demand Sh1 million. I would inquire about the sponsoring company and negotiate accordingly. I am even open to performing shows for as little as Sh50,000.”

Jaguar is currently promoting his new song, Unthinkable released on Wednesday, 11th May 2023.

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