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Jaguar offers to help ‘singer’ arrested for sneaking into State House

Musician Charles Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar has offered to fund the ‘upcoming artist’ who was arrested for jumping over State House perimeter wall to seek help from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News on Wednesday, the ‘Huu Mwaka’ singer said he will visit Matthew Kinuthia Maina at Industrial Area remand prison in the afternoon to assess his music potential.

Mr Maina was charged on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to the charge of entering a protected zone illegally. The court was told that he is sixteen years old and should not have been taken to court.


In his defence, he told the court that he had sneaked to State House to ask for President Kenyatta’s help to record his music and earn money for his school fees.

Jaguar, in the exclusive interview, explained that as an artist he felt obliged to help the boy, but would have to first find out if he is genuine.

“You can tell if someone is talented by how they sing an existing song or their own composition. Once I meet him later today (Wednesday), I will ask him to sing something and if he is good I will finance his first recording both audio and video,” said Jaguar.


Should he pass the test, Mr Maina will be signed to Main Switch productions to pursue his music career and achieve his dreams.

According to Jaguar, it is the talent and interest of Mr Maina that will determine how much his first recording will cost.

A typical audio recording costs Ksh20, 000, while video can cost from Ksh 50,000 onwards.

“A song like Barua Kwa Rais was shot locally at a very low budget of about half a million, while one like Huu Mwaka was shot in South Africa at over a million shillings,” sad Jaguar.