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Jaguar pleads with Uhuru to stop landlords from evicting tenants

Starehe MP Charles Kanyi Njagua aka Jaguar has pleaded with President Uhuru Kenyatta to emulate Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni and stop landlords from evicting tenants over unpaid or delayed rent during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The legislator through Twitter said that most Kenyans are not going to work and have no money to spare for rent.


“I urge President Uhuru Kenyatta to take a similar stance on rent as Kaguta Museveni. Museveni has stopped evictions in Uganda. Let’s ban them as well. Most Kenyans aren’t going to work. They have little to spare for rent,” he posted.

He noted that evicting such people will put their lives at health and security risks, something the country can’t afford.

“Evictions of tenants, while we are facing this crisis, is a health and security risk that we can’t afford. How will they obey curfews when they are out in the cold? Some will turn to crime out of desperation to fend for their families. Let us avoid such risks by banning evictions,” he added.

He asked landlords who can waive rent to do so for their tenants.

“Landlords who can waive rent should do so, as His Excellency, the President, requested. Others can collect rent later. Tenants who can pay full rent should pay. Those who can pay part of it should make local arrangements with their landlords. Play your part and we shall overcome.”

On Wednesday, President Museveni warned Ugandan landlords against evicting tenants during the novel coronavirus pandemic period, saying that they can always collect their rent after things get back to normalcy.

In his address to the nation, President Museveni asked landlords to be patient with their tenants considering that the current crisis in the country is affecting everyone.


In a bid to put the spread of the virus at bay, the President last week announced a two-week lockdown following citizens’ violation of the previous measures.

Under the lockdown, the president prohibited all movement, closed shopping malls, arcades, non-food stores, lodges, saloons, and public gatherings, among others. He therefore encouraged all people, except the essential workers to stay home.

On Monday, President Kenyatta asked landlords across the country not to put tenants in an undue pressure to pay rent.

The Head of State said the current Covid-19 pandemic has put unprecedented pressure on the economy and the results are already devastating.

He said as a results, many organisations have sent employees home either on forced or unpaid leave. Others have been laid off.

President Kenyatta during the state of the nation address said the current situation calls on compassion and understanding.

He said he was pleased with the landlords who had already put measures in place to waive rent for their tenants until the situation is stable.