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Jaguar resumes music career despite landing lucrative government appointment

He defected from the Jubilee Party to President Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance party where he sought a nomination to defend his Starehe Parliamentary seat but was unable to clinch the ticket.

He opted to campaign as an Independent Candidate but flopped in the campaigns, losing to Amos Mwago who floored him.

Nairobi News previously reported that Charles Njagua Kanyi, alias Jaguar, returned to music after his budding political career came to a quick halt. He quickly announced the release of his latest album, Nitume, after nine months of silence and missing in political action.

However, in March 2023, the gods of Kenyan politics smiled on him again and nominated him for the lucrative Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) position. He was among a handful of youthful, unexpected 50 nominations.

He was nominated to the Ministry of Youth Affairs, the Arts and Sports docket, and all the nominees were directed to assume office without undergoing any vetting.

Days later, the High Court stopped the appointed CAS from assuming office after the Law Society of Kenya and the Katiba Institute filed a petition against the appointments.

The CAS were barred from receiving any salary, remuneration or benefits until the court ruled on the matter. In the meantime, Jaguar continued focusing on his music. On May 5, 2023, the crooner released his latest song, Unthinkable, featuring Lava Lava, a Tanzanian musician signed under Diamond Platinumz’ Wasafi Records music label.

In the song, Jaguar and Lava Lava sang about doing the unthinkable by marrying the girls they are in love with and prove wrong those saying that they would eventually break up. Jaguar sang that his woman was the honey in his heart and he asked his girl to marry him and stay together for life.

“You know that you are my angel, I don’t want wandering eyes (team mafisi) to see you. I will walk with you until the end. Hide your wings so that they do not see you. You know you are my angel, I don’t want enemies to see you. I will walk with you until the end. Let them talk until their teeth…Let me do the unthinkable, marry you so that you can be mine daily baby. In my heart baby you’re portable, I will carry you with me daily baby,” sang Jaguar in Swahili.

Their fans rated the song as a banger, saying that Jaguar never failed to deliver on his music. Some also said he had hit the gold mine when he collaborated with a Diamond Platinumz’ signee because that was guaranteed success in working with Wasafi Records.

It appears Jaguar will continue focusing on his music until the Courts determine whether their appointments were lawfully done and allow them to earn their Sh 800,000 a month salary or the CAS positions will be scrapped.

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