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Jaguar steps in after uproar on Sh38m bursary scheme

Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar had to supervise the re-issuance of bursary forms in two wards after the initial exercise was marred by irregularities.

Residents of Landimawe and Nairobi South had to queue once more at respective chief offices for a re-issuance of the forms.

The initial issuance had been done on January 11 across all wards.

Jaguar received complaints on the initial exercise with some residents accusing the officials of favouritism.

“Mtu hawezi amka saa kumi usiku na mwingine aamke saa tatu asubuhi halafu arukishwe laini juu eti anajuana na Jaguar. Kila mtu arauke na forms zipatianwe on first come basis,” Jaguar told Landimawe chief.

Some residents raised complaints over day scholars not being issued with bursary forms, but the legislator said every student represented should be issued with a form.

Jaguar urged the residents to be patient.

“Nataka niwaombe msamaha kwa sababu najua kuna watu waliamka mapema sana last time. Mimi ndio niliamrishe hii bursary irudiwe kwa sababu kuna watu waliamka mapema na wakakosa kwa sababu yaw engine kurishwa laini,” he explained.

Starehe constituency has set aside Sh38 million to be distributed to needy students across the constituency in the bursary programme.

“Education is a major pillar in Starehe constituency so we have allocated maximum funds that can go to bursary, that is the Sh38 million,” Jaguar explained.