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Jaguar’s new video shot in garage

After the rumour mill went on overdrive claiming  that Jaguar’s latest video Kioo was shot in Dubai, NairobiNews can now confirm that it was actually shot in Nairobi.

The prison shots were done at Industrial Area Prison, while the cozy bedroom and sitting room was a set up at his garage on Nanyuki Road, Industrial Area.

Confirming the reports, Jaguar said it was true they had gone to Dubai to shoot the video, but were unsuccessful after staying there for four days.

“When we got to Dubai, they had some sort of celebrations going on so it was difficult to do anything since we needed permits from the authorities to shoot some scenes, so we had to come back to Nairobi,” said Jaguar.

His garage has enough space to set up any scene for a music video, he added.

“In fact, the broken mirrors were as a result of an accident, where one of the cameramen smashed it with a camera stand by accident,” he revealed.