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Jahmby Koikai’s family explains why she will be buried at Lang’ata Cemetery

The family of celebrated MC, media personality, and reggae enthusiast Mary Njambi Koikai, fondly known as Jahmby Koikai, has spoken out for the first time since her passing on Monday, June 3.

Koikai died at Nairobi Hospital after a prolonged and courageous battle with endometriosis.

In a heartfelt interview with members of the Fourth Estate on the sidelines of the funeral service at All Saints Cathedral, Jahmby’s mother shared touching memories of her daughter, describing her as a mentor and friend to many.

“We should have courage on her behalf. Jahmby loved you and you loved her. Thank you so much for that,” she expressed.

The family announced that Jahmby’s burial will take place on June 14, and they are currently fundraising to cover the burial and hospital expenses. The family said they are looking to raise Sh3m to cover the hospital and burial costs. The paybill is 600100 and the account number is 242424.

A memorial service is scheduled for Thursday, June 13, with the venue to be announced shortly.

Reflecting on her daughter’s multifaceted life, Jahmby’s mother spoke with pride and sorrow.

“My daughter was so many things. She was a Christian, an artiste, a politician, a reggae fanatic, and a mentor, and that is how I knew my child. She served all people the same way. She was my friend and my mentor.”

Jahmby’s father shared the heart-wrenching experience of watching his daughter suffer and the challenging times the family endured.

“Seeing my daughter suffer was a heavy burden. To see that she went to the hospital and did not come out was not an easy journey, especially for her mother, who was with her,” he recalled.

He emphasised the unwavering support Jahmby received from her family, particularly her mother, who was by her side throughout her illness.

The legacy Jahmby leaves behind is one of resilience and dedication. Her brave fight against endometriosis and her unwavering commitment to her various projects have been a source of inspiration to many.

“She went to the hospital and came out. The family, especially her mother, was with her, ensuring all her needs were met,” her father noted.

Explaining the family’s decision regarding her final resting place, Jahmby’s father shared:

“The memorial service will be on Thursday, and more details will come before the burial on Friday at Lang’ata Cemetery. She will be buried there because her grandmother is buried there, and the family wanted her to be laid to rest close to her.”

He also spoke about Jahmby’s wishes for her work to continue posthumously, highlighting her dedication to her community.

“She said if her projects could continue, she would be happy. That was her reason for running for the Dagoreti North parliamentary seat.”

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