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Jailed for denying her children treatment, cult member walks out of prison to heroic welcome

A woman who was jailed for denying her children treatment was given a heroic welcome by members of a church that does not subscribe to conventional medicine upon her release.

On Tuesday, Ms Margaret Nduta walked out of Nyahururu’s Thomson Falls prison after serving four-year jail term for defying a court order to have her children immunized.

Members of her Kanitha wa Ngai church brought business in Nyahururu town to a standstill as they received Ms Nduta.

The church members marched through the town from the prison escorting her while singing and dancing in jubilation.

The members, who had arrived at the prison gate as early as 8am to receive one of their own, broke into song and dance when the mother of nine walked out of the women’s wing of the prison escorted by women waders.

Her husband, Mr Johnson Njoroge, is still serving a sentence at the same prison for refusing to take their daughter to hospital after she was raped in their Gatimu location home.

When he appeared in court in March 2012, he stood his grounds against having her go to hospital saying even the threat of jail did not scare him.

“I prayed for my daughter and maybe God is punishing me for sins that I do not know of. I do not believe in conventional drugs and the court should not waste its time telling me to take her to hospital. Not even a jail will shake my faith in God,” he told Resident Magistrate Vincent Kiptoon at the time.


He was handed a two-year jail term while his wife was later jailed by the same court for denying her two children, three-year-old Edward Chege and one-year-old Nancy Wamaitha, immunization.

On Tuesday, Nduta and her daughter Wamaitha were inseparable during the preaching session.

The celebrations saw the group march through the town and converge at a public garden near the Nyandarua North Deputy County Commissioner’s office where they held a four-hour singing and preaching session.

Pastor Ibrahim Muhoro told the members to be ready to suffer because they lived between two laws – law of the land and law of the Bible.

“Our sister Nduta was a victim of the law of the land but she came out victorious. She left a holy seed inside the prison because she preached to them and the warders were amazed by her will,” pastor Muhoro told the gathering.

The leaders of the group had no kind words for the media saying it misrepresented facts and did not pursue the authority to ensure the raped 14 year daughter of the couple got justice.

The gathering was shown a brand new sewing machine that Ms Nduta was given by the prison authority as a gift for being an exception among the prisoners in defense of her faith.

However, Ms Nduta was not allowed to talk to the media because the church forbids women from speaking publicly both inside and outside the church.