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Jalang’o: I buy 4 pairs of shoes every week, I’ve got over 3,000 pairs now

A few years ago, when American rapper Drake dropped the famous line in a popular track, “started from the bottom now we’re here,” it rang true to Kenyan comedian-cum-radio presenter, Felix Fabian Odiwour Otuoch, better known as Jalang’o.

Having lacked shoes not so long ago, the renowned Kenyan comedian now says he buys upto four new pairs of shoes every week.

Jalang’o, who says he either walked bare foot to school or wore ‘akala’ (sandals made from used car tyres) during his early life, now owns more than 3,000 pair of shoes.

His huge collection of footwear is 30 times the number rapper Octoppizzo claims to own. And the number keeps swelling every passing week.

“My love for shoes started when I joined Form One. My dad had fund raised to take me to school and that’s when he got me my first pair of shoes. I’m just compensating for the years I never had shoes. Currently, I have 3,212 pairs of shoe. In a good week I can buy as many as four pairs of shoes,” he says.


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Jalang’o says memories of poverty makes him work even harder to ensure that he doesn’t lack the good things in life which he never had before as well as ensuring he has enough to take care of his extended family members who all look up to him.

The comedian, who recently disclosed that he will soon quit radio to venture into politics, also said that he loves ‘modest’ luxury cars.

His first car was a Starlet which he bought for Sh250,000. His his latest acquisition is a Land Cruiser V8, valued at about Sh14 million. He also owns a Range Rover.

Now, how about that for some ‘modesty’ ?