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Jalang’o addresses claims he forced Kibe out of Kiss 100

Comedian Jalang’o has spoken out on claims that he is the cause of the sudden resignation of Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe. The comedian says he has nothing to do with it.

Kibe announced that he was leaving his job at Kiss 100 on Tuesday. He, however, he did not divulge the main reason for him leaving.

The news was received with mixed reactions from Kenyans who blamed Jalang’o for Kibe’s exit.

Jalang’o had last week announced that he would be returning to Radio Africa after being fired from Milele FM.

Jalang’o, however, has said he only learnt about Kibe’s exit when his name started trending on social media.

“I am trending at number one today as we speak, the reason why I am trending at number one Andrew Kibe who is a very close friend of mine amewacha job. How I am trending …… ati sasa watu wanasema ati sasa niende Kiss sasa Andrew akafukuzwa kazi,” said Jalang’o.

“Na maze nilikuwa nimelala, unajuwa mimi sina job sahii nalala tuu. So naamka hivi nashtuka I am trending at number one. Kibe ameresign, I have just spoken to him akaniambia kuna vitu mbili tatu hawakuskizana,” he added.

He also bashed all those who were saying that he could not be a good candidate for a job at Kiss 100 by reminding them that that is where he started his career as a radio presenter.

Na wamesema kizungu ya Kiss mimi siwezani nayo, ati jokes zangu ni dry. So, guys I easily want to tell you that I didn’t know that Andrew had left until when I woke up. And everyone else saying that I cannot be able to take over Kiss that is where we began,” explained Jalang’o.

Mr Kibe joined Radio Africa alongside his co-host Kamene Goro in 2019 after leaving NRG radio.

The two replaced Shaffie Weru and Adelle Anyango as the new hosts for the Kiss 100 breakfast show.