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Jalang’o explains how he lost his ‘campaign’ money

Comedian Jalang’o has in a candid interview revealed he did not suspect his employees would ever steal from him, further explaining how the ‘campaign’ money was reportedly stolen from his car.

In a YouTube interview, the former radio presenter explained the stolen money was meant for a project that he is working on with a close friend.

There have been reports the aspiring politician wanted to use the cash for his political campaigns.

“Most of the time when you go for campaigns, you go with a branded car so that people can know that you are coming. But there are times you want to meet with a specific group of people so you go incognito and use a car that won’t draw attention. On that day I used my wife’s car,” explained Jalang’o.

The media personality further narrated the unfolding of the events before the money went missing.

“When I came back from that campaign I met a very good friend of mine who has supported me in this campaign. We had agreed to meet because there’s a project we are working on and there was some money he was supposed to give me. This money was actually not for campaign but for the project,” he said.

The comedian stated he never suspected his employees would ever do such a thing as they are people he always perceived as family in his own home.

“I got home from the campaign late and I was so tired. I locked the car and went into the house. Eliam and Litiema washed the car of course and they came across the cash, but it did not occur to me that they would ever do this,”

Jalang’o added it took him a while before he noticed his employees and money was missing.

“It took me a while to notice that they were not in the compound. I went to the car to get the money because I wanted to use it. Getting there, I didn’t find it. I went back to the house and asked my wife if she had taken any money, and at that moment I still didn’t think of Eliam and Litiema because there were times they’d seen money in my car and left it there,”

“So then I realized that these people are not in the compound. We start calling them, they are not available. That’s when we reported. They have been tracked down by the DCI and it’s now in their hands that’s why I can’t say much about it,” he added.

The comedian confessed that he has never been betrayed in such a manner before.

“It was the biggest betrayal I have ever had. They stole a lot of money, but I forgive them, but I pity them as they have ruined their own lives,” he stated.