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Jalang’o rebukes gospel artistes for ‘ungodly’ content

Celebrated comedian, emcee and radio presenter Jalang’o has ruffled feathers in the Kenyan gospel music industry with sharp criticism of their content.

Coming just days to this year’s Groove Awards gala, Jalang’o has slammed gospel artistes for production, which he claims, no longer glorifies God.

In a video posted online, Jalang’o gospel also advised the gospel artistes to take time to reflect and rejuvenate themselves.

The comedian mentioned some artistes whom he claimed would lack content if the happenings they rely on never took place.

“Content, this year content hakuna hata kidogo. Hata Mungu hatajwi, Mungu anatajwa tu kama producer, huko mbele. Retake, rejuvenize and bring back the content that is Gospel industry,” Jalango said.

His sentiments, however, didn’t go down well with many gospel artistes, including Size 8, who lectured the comedian for judging them.

“Jalang’o should not judge people with a few songs because ours is the biggest music industry, and I believe every song has a message. Everyone sings differently, thus it would be wrong to judge them with their content… I think the problem is the understanding by people and not the song or perhaps the delivery,” she said.

To which Jalang’o responded: “I’m under fire, they are up in arms. Size 8 has come out saying I shouldn’t judge people, I should fast, and I don’t know do what… I don’t know why she herself would come out strongly to condemn me.”


And when his breakfast show co-host Jeff Koinange asked him if he would apologise for his sentiments, the comedian replied saying, “Apology? Me?” before bursting into a hysterical loud laughter.

Some Kenyans online, though, shared Jalang’o’s views.

June April wrote, “I miss Emmachichi, Angela Chibaloza and the Kassangas.”

Henry Guyali added, “Well said. There is nothing spiritual about local gospel music nowadays, most of the contemporary Christian music is just secular but not sinful in content. When Christian musician are singing about money & wealth, love & ladies, visas & dance moves, parents & grandparents, these are just secular stuff which are of no spiritual benefit. We still have a few artists who have content & we thank God for such.”

Dancan Pius commented, “I support 100% they have died spiritually. No presence of the holy spirit anymore in their music only emotions.”

Wise Wiseman stated, “Jalang’o is very right. I hear songs whenever I even board a matatu and I just wonder where this generation is headed to! Mara yesu nipe nyonyo, mara tena amesusu, mara tunaflash shetani kama pupuu sasa vitu gani hizi?”

Calvin Mkok added, “Jalang’o is 1000% right Kenya 95% of gospel songs ni trash.”

Magdalene Marx Mutua wrote, “Truth be told no spiritual content.”