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Jalang’o hits back at being branded ‘one-time’ MP and ‘traitor’

Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has hit back at his critics for calling him a one-term MP, saying he is not bothered by such comments as long as he fulfils his commitments to the people.

In an interview with online media, the comedian-turned-politician expressed his willingness to accept being a one-term MP if it means fulfilling the aspirations of his constituents.

“I don’t mind being called a one-term MP. Those who say that do not understand our vision and purpose. If I can serve a single term and achieve what the people of Lang’ata expect from me, I would be satisfied,” Jalang’o said with determination.

The charismatic MP went on to say that even if he were to lose in future elections, it would not diminish his determination.

Jalang’o said that his main focus is to give back to the community, a commitment he will honour.

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Addressing accusations of betrayal over his decision to work with the government, Jalang’o stressed his unwavering commitment to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and his loyalty to party leader Raila Odinga.

“I have never betrayed anyone and I have worked tirelessly to reach the position I am in today. I have always acknowledged that I wouldn’t be an MP if it wasn’t for Raila Amollo Odinga,” Jalang’o affirmed.

He also acknowledged that Raila Odinga himself is a testament to overcoming adversity and building a remarkable political career. Jalang’o stressed the need to embrace divergent opinions, saying, “Sometimes people have to accommodate different perspectives.”

Referring to a recent meeting between Raila Odinga and President William Ruto, Jalang’o stressed that peaceful dialogue should be celebrated.

“Baba [Raila] was with President Ruto the other day and so I want to say that when people engage in constructive conversations, that is of utmost importance to me.”

During the interview, Jalang’o also spoke of his intention to work closely with President William Ruto to gain insights on how to win elections.

Jalang’o expressed his strong desire to become President of Kenya in the future.

“One day you will see my name in the ballot box as head of state.”

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