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Jalang’o ‘quits’ alcohol on live show

Comedian and radio presenter Jalang’o has promised his longtime friend and ex co-host at Milele FM Alex Mwakideu that he will no longer drink alcohol.

Jalang’o said this while hosting Mwakideu on his online show Bonga na Jalas.

Mwakideu shared with the new Kiss 100 breakfast show presenter that he has been sober for the last eight months.

Jalang’o then asked Mwakideu what gift he would want from him to which Mwakideu responded asking Jalang’o to quit alcohol.

“Ungependa ni wache pombe? Wacha leo ikuwe the last dance, sitawahi kunywa pombe tena. So, that is the only gift you want from me as your friend? Basi nimewacha pombe kabisa,” they said as they shook hands.

Alex also revealed that they were to both end their radio careers at Milele FM and join politics in 2022 but Jalang’o suddenly left Milele FM and joined Kiss FM.

Alex said he will join politics in 2022 vying for the parliamentary seat in Wundanyi and therefore Milele FM is his last radio job.

He also said that people from Wundanyi have already created WhatsApp groups as well as Facebook groups to show support for his candidacy.