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Jalang’o tickles Chris Brown in throwback video with Jeff Koinange

American singer and songwriter Chris Brown recently shared a hilarious throwback video of Lang’ata MP Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o.

The video, which has become a meme over time, was originally recorded during a breakfast show on Hot 96, where Jalang’o co-hosted with the legendary journalist Jeff Koinange.

In the video, Jalang’o delivers a straightforward message to women who may perceive themselves as unattractive, urging them to embrace their appearance without masking it with the concept of inner beauty.

Jalang’o argues that relying on inner beauty as a justification is futile since men lack the ability to use X-rays to discern this so-called inner beauty.

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“If you are unattractive, you are unattractive. Let’s not discuss inner beauty because men do not possess X-ray vision to perceive it,” Jalang’o says in the clip, evoking hearty laughter from Jeff.

Throughout their time at Hot 96FM, their captivating on-air chemistry and talent for generating moments of laughter endeared them to the Kenyan entertainment scene.

However, in one of their shows,  things almost took a turn for the worst while discussing about school fires. On that occasion, Jalang’o said there might be certain circumstances where the idea of setting schools on fire could be justified.

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However, Jeff strongly disagreed with Jalang’o’s view and went as far as calling him “stupid.” Here are excerpts from that heated debate:

Jalang’o: Do you remember how long ago people would send messages over long distances? They would use smoke signals. So perhaps if smoke rises from a library, it can be seen from afar.

Jeff: Ignorance is…

Jalang’o: There is no such thing as ignorance!

Jalang’o explained that some school fires are a result of poor dietary habits and mismanagement of school resources by teachers, adding that according to students, burning school property is a means to send a message to the administration.

Jalang’o: We never resorted to burning schools out of fear for exams.

Jeff: Because you’re foolish!

Regardless, the two are good friends and in one interview, Jalang’o said Jeff gifted him a watch from Swiss manufacturer Audemars Piguet worth almost Sh3 million on his birthday.

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