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Jalang’o: Why I was suspended in High School

Jalang’o has opened up on how he was suspended from high school after a dispute with management.

The comedian turned politician says he was forced to temporarily leave school while in his final year, a move he attributes to the frequent arson cases in learning institutions at the time.

“I was in my final year. We wrote a letter to the principal of the school and said that if he wanted to see what others were seeing, then he shouldn’t release us for half-term. Then we inserted the letter under the principal’s door in that when he walks in, the first thing he sees when he walks in is the letter,” explained Jalang’o in an interview with fellow comedian Oga Obinna.

He further narrated how he was disciplined because of the letter and told to report back to school with his parent. “The handwriting in which we wrote the letter was box-like so that he could not know whose handwriting it was. Regardless, we were severely canned, but all in all, we went for half-term,” Jalang’o, real name Felix Odiwuor, recalls.

The media personality over the years has showcased his prowess in quite a number of things, one of them being a skillful fisherman. During the interview, he recalled how he worked as a fisherman after high school, before venturing into theatre. “I worked as a fisherman after high school when everybody else went to college. So I looked for a job, and at some point, I worked with my brother. Before my rise into fame, I would audition over and over again, until some guy called Mbuthia gave me a chance. I started acting in set books,” he narrated.