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Jalang’o: Why I’ve sold all my cars

A month since he was linked to a money-laundering scheme in Nairobi, media personality Jalang’o has sensationally claimed he’s sold all his high-end cars in less than two months.

Born Felix Odiwuor, the radio presenter has been spotted driving several top of the range vehicles within Nairobi and even once remarked in a media interview that the cost of all his cars is to the tune of tens of millions of shillings.

But in a recent interview with Plug TV, Jalang’o, who also owns an online TV, explained he made a decision to sell off all his cars after realizing it was cheaper to lease as compared to own a car.

“I don’t have a car,” the renowned Master of Ceremony, who’s announced his bid to vie for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat, claimed.

“This one (pointing to one that he had) is a hired one. Why should I buy a car when I can hire one?. They depreciate. I’d rather buy land.”

Considered among the best radio presenters in the business, Jalang’o recently came out to distance himself from the money laundering circus, commonly referred to as wash wash.

He insisted he works hard to make his dime and attributed the reports by controversial blogger Edgar Obare to jelously.