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Jalang’o won’t re-employ gardeners who stole millions from him

By Freya Wanjiku September 15th, 2022 2 min read

The Lang’ata Member of Parliament Phelix Odiwour alias Jalang’o has revealed that he cannot reemploy employees who stole from him.

Speaking in an interview, Jalang’o affirmed that he forgave Eli and Litiema but his community cannot allow him to bring them back.

“Eli and Litiema stole money from my house. Personally, I had forgiven them and even wanted to bring them back to work but you see the community around which I live they cannot be allowed even if I wanted because they were circulated as wanted criminals,” he explained.

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Adding that he shall source for them employment somewhere else, Jalang’o said, “They are really sorry, they are saying it’s the devil, their village people used witchcraft on them. I’ll get them somewhere they work.”

In June, Jalang’o offered Sh100,000 for any information leading to the capture of his two employees he accuses of theft.

“This morning [Saturday], Eli Khumudu and Morris Litiema stole money from the car they were washing at home. Their phones are off and they are running with their families,” he wrote.

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Speaking in an interview, the former radio presenter expressed his disappointment at how the two could betray him yet he treated them as family.

“It is the biggest betrayal I have ever had in my life and I hope it doesn’t change how I see people. Where you help people but they are only waiting for a chance to break the trust you have,” he said.

Adding that they returned some of the money but he gave them some of it and let them go, Jalang’o had earlier explained on his socials that he would forgive his employees and give them back their jobs if they returned the cash, a move he later revealed was a trap to lure them back.

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