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Jamaican dancehall star Konshens impressed by Kenyan group Ethic

July 5th, 2019 1 min read

Jamaican hit maker Garfield Spencer alias Konshens has been impressed by Kenya’s latest sensational group Ethic Entertainment.

Homeboyz radio presenter G Money had apparently done a remix of the group’s latest song ‘Figa’ and shared it with the Jamaican artiste.

Konshens was blown away by the remix and let the world know about it.

He took to social media and asked G money to get back to him with the group’s contacts.

“Yo tell @GMONEYizME to wake up and check his email plz.. @ the artistes for me too plz,” he posted.

Though he did not understand the song’s lyrics, Koshens said the beat sounded different.

In his reply, G money was more than excited and was left wondering what Ethics had done to him.

According to G Money, not even the Kenyan group has listened to the remix.

“Anyway. Sending this @ethicofficial and @konshens remix out to DJs and all. Ain’t mine to hold onto. Pretty sure y’all will have it by the end of the day, just a brother out here connecting dots.”

Ethics released their first single ‘Lamba Lolo’ which was condemned for promoting loose morals.

They have never looked back since, producing hit after hit even after their bitter fallout with their manager (we are currently unsure of the status of the relationship).

The ‘Gal a Bubble’ hit maker has performed several times in Kenya and has big following locally.