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JamboPay CEO narrates his brush with death in grisly road accident

By Amina Wako February 18th, 2020 2 min read

The founder and CEO of JamboPay, Danson Muchemi, has opened up about a road accident he was involved in a week ago along Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

In a post on Facebook, Muchemi said he had to live the six days of pain and body injuries bravely like other days of his life.

“I have endured 9000 minutes of pain at a hospital in the last 6 days after an accident at Gilgil area that left me with painful body injuries. I have lived the 9000 minutes bravely just like all other days of my life. Praying to God daily for His blessings and mercies and facing every challenge as it comes,” Muchemi said.

The CEO of the company that once collected revenue for Nairobi County also opened up about his struggles in life even as he posed as an ambitious successful entrepreneur.

He said he did all that so that people who looked up to him would overcome their fears and win in their small struggles.

“I have posed as the ambitious successful entrepreneur over the years here on social media, partly because I wanted you to overcome your fears and be a champion,” he said.


However, Muchemi said that his road to success and building his company has not been a rosy one.

“Truth is, I have had a lot of ups and downs that went unposted, I have lived through fears, faced unimaginable challenges – big ones, some that made it to the headlines and a lot that no one dared to talk about. It is a fact we have built strong enterprises and relationships at local and highest social levels out of a nice attitude and trusting in God,” he said.

“All my days got 24hrs just like yours. Every hour got 60 minutes of pushing to become a better self, to overcome very personal challenges and to become a champion,” he wrote.

According to Muchemi, champions do cry sometimes when overburdened by the challenges of life.

“Champions are not special people, they cry sometimes. They are you and me,” he said.