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Jamie Foxx catches Wamlambez fever

At some point in time, you must have heard the chant that has taken over the streets – “Wamlambez” and the response “Wamnyonyez”.

American actor Jamie Foxx has now joined the Wamlambez bandwagon.

A short video clip has widely been shared by a local designer and owner of a fashion house, Mama Foli, shows Jamie Foxx’s Wamlambez moment.

“When I say Wamlambez, you say Wamnyonyez,” says Foli who was hanging out with the Hollywood star.

In other several clips also shared, the Django Unchained actor and Unpredictable hit maker can be heard giving shout outs to Kenya.


Mr Foxx is not the first US celebrity to be sucked into the Wamlambez euphoria.

Last week national Sevens Rugby player Biko Adema was filmed urging American actress, singer and songwriter Christina Milian to drop the phrase.

The hit makers of Wamlambez comprises of Miracle Baby, Shalkido, Masilver, Lexxy Young, Qoqosjuma who collectively go by the stage name Sailors.

The song was released in April this year and has so far attracted more the 2 million views, and counting, on YouTube.