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Janet Ikua: Thank you and remember cancer is not a death sentence

By HILARY KIMUYU November 17th, 2015 2 min read

NTV host Janet Kanini-Ikua has once again thanked Kenyans for their generosity and reminded them that having cancer was not a death sentence.

Kanini posted two pictures of herself on a hospital bed wearing her usual smile.

Kanini, who is undergoing chemotherapy in India after being diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, has kept Kenyans abreast of her condition with a weekly post on her Facebook page.

“I am kidogo tired but extremely happy from the events of the past few days. I believe the purpose of my medical journey is to encourage, educate and inspire fellow DVT and cancer patients and their support systems, because, and I repeat this emphatically – CANCER IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE!” read her post.


“Regardless of what medical reports and scans show, healing can happen in an instant if you believe it is so. God can turn your mess into a message.”

She also spoke about the recent fundraiser concert saying she was overwhelmed by the “compassion and kindness and generosity that many Kenyans have shown me”.

“So machozi ilikuwa mingi :sob: :sob: I enjoyed the music, comedy and goodwill given out by fantastic artists who generously gave their time and energy for free, as well as Carnivore’s amazing grounds,” she said.

She further addressed people who have said the concert was organized by big names in the media and entertainment industry solely because she was a popular personality.

“God has humbled me to a point where I know that, when facing death, what matters IS NOT whether I’m a TV personality, or how much make up I put on, or how good I look in the smallest size of the latest fashion, or how many red carpet events I attend or how long I’ve been on TV. At this crucial point in time, I recognize that without God’s grace and mercy, I am nothing. A basic human relying on Him totally for life,” she said.


Kanini also gave an update of her treatment saying she got a chemo port inserted into her upper right chest as alternative for canulas and needles being stuck in her arm veins. The procedure, she said, had left her right arm vein blocked and black since the first chemo.

She also had positive outlook for Kenya.

“Kenya is the best country. Being in India showed me that we have perfect weather – no winter and summer, no air conditioning running through the hot months in cars and buildings, and no heaters during the cold, which translates to very high electricity bills! I think of Kenya as the kachumbari and Africa as githeri – githeri just tastes much better with kachumbari, so let’s build this place into the sweetest, happiest place to live,” Kanini said.