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Janet Kanini embraces new hairstyle after surviving cancer

Early this year doctors at an Indian hospital confirmed that TV host Janet Kanini Ikua had been healed of lung cancer.

With that and after a grueling chemotherapy came the difficult phase of dealing with hair loss.

But Janet has found bamboo turbans for cancer warriors with hair loss to be perfect for especially people with sensitive skin or who react to other fabrics.

Janet has recounted on social media what she went through during that phase of hair loss.

“It took me weeks to accept my hair loss from chemotherapy. I felt like my body was falling apart. This is a difficult situation for men, women and children to deal with. And not just from cancer. There are other conditions that cause hair loss, leading to self-esteem issues,” she wrote on her Facebook.

“One thing I found shocking was how cold my head got in the cold weather! But I just didn’t know how to tie scarves in a fashionable way and wearing ngepas (caps) isn’t always suitable,” She adds.


All that has changed for Janet with the new hairstyle.

“Bamboo naturally enhances ventilation, ensuring that you remain cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, washing is simple, and best of all, and they come in a vast selection of colours and designs to suit your personal taste. Kids look so stylish! Now people will stop looking at you like you’re about to drop dead because of your bald head,” she wrote.

She went ahead to post pictures with different types her wearing turbans and advised anyone who is sick that, “one way to get through your illness is to NOT look sick.”

She says that her body is thinner now but it makes her lovely eyes stand out.

“I’m so weak that I’m shaking but it makes me more romantic with my partner because lazima anibebe, I am a supuu, a manyanga, a hunk, until I breathe my last I will not stop fighting.”

Her parting shot is a verse from Bible (Psalm 139:14): “I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well.”