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Janet Mbugua and twin brother Timothy celebrate 40th birthday in style

Media personality Janet Mbugua and her twin brother Timothy Mbugua marked their 40th birthday with a blend of style and heartfelt reflection.

The dynamic duo, radiating in matching green blazers adorned with bow ties and black pants, welcomed the beginning of a new decade with grace.

Expressing her gratitude, Janet Mbugua set the tone for a celebratory journey filled with joy and introspection.

In an Instagram post, she shared:

“This is 40! First off, Thanksgiving. And then I get to cross this milestone with my twin! In honor of our 4 decades on Earth, we sat down and reflected on life, loss, lessons and more, coming soon. Happy Birthday to us @thementivist! And Happy New Year to you all!”

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Responding to his sister’s heartfelt post, Timothy Mbugua wrote, “Happy Birthday @officialjanetmbugua! Keen to see where the 40 hype train takes us! Thanks for being a ride or die all this while! Blessings on blessings.”

The fraternal twins, also known as dizygotic twins, result from the fertilization of two separate eggs with two different sperm during the same pregnancy.

While Janet and Timothy may not share the same appearance, their unique bond stems from sharing half of their genomes, just like any other siblings.

In an interview with Nairobi News in April 2023, Janet Mbugua opened up about her close relationship with her twin brother, who owns a high-end barber shop in town.

Describing the bond as a blessing, she expressed her gratitude for having a lifelong best friend.

“I am grateful that I have enjoyed a great relationship with my twin brother,” Janet said.

Despite differences in their personalities, Janet highlighted her brother’s outgoing nature, showcasing the diversity within the twin dynamic.

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Just recently, Janet revealed the emotional journey she has been navigating in recent years.

“I still have my moments when I am trying to resolve what I have been through over the last few years. I still have my moments when I cry a lot to sleep, and I now do it because I feel like a lot of crying I am doing lately is an expressed grief that I never got to do. I held so much inside because I had to be a big girl, be a mum, and be so many things,” shared Janet on her YouTube channel.


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