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Janet Mbugua: My delivery room disappointment after preparing for normal birth

Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua agreed to Caesarean section at the last minute for her second child despite working towards a normal birth.

Mbugua welcomed her second son in September and 28 days after delivery, has released a video detailing her birth story.

She had worked hard towards a normal birth after delivering her first baby through C-Section.

She prepared with work outs and hired a doula, but eventually settled for a surgery after having contractions for 10 hours with little dilation.


“The contractions started a 1:15 am and went on by 11am I was one centimeter dilated so it wasn’t really changing so we decided because the water had raptured that surgery was the best option. I know I wanted that vbac story but its okay kwani who said this is the last child I’m having? So long story short we did the CS and our baby boy was safely delivered into the world,” Mbugua said.

The journalist also detailed the difficulty to breastfeed her son because she was unable to produce milk for the first three days.

“I’m still having breastfeeding struggles but I’m trying for it not to get to me because even last time it took about three days for the milk to flow,” she said.

Mbugua was discharged after five days in hospital, but was readmitted after what she termed as new issues to be detailed in her next vlog.