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Janet Mbugua opens up on quitting the bottle

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 26th, 2023 2 min read

Janet Mbugua, a prominent media personality and mother of two, recently shared valuable insights on her YouTube channel about making personal choices, avoiding undue pressure, and supporting those on their journey to overcome addiction.

In a candid discussion, she revealed her enthusiasm for reaching a significant milestone – being alcohol-free since December 2021.

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The TV girl expressed the importance of understanding that choosing to forgo certain habits or behaviors can be challenging.

She encouraged people to refrain from placing excessive pressure on themselves and others when making life-altering decisions.

“I don’t drink, and December will mark two years since I made that choice. It’s a decision I believed was right for me. It’s something I may choose to return to in a year, a decade, or perhaps never. However, I am not imposing any unrealistic expectations on myself. Making a decision like this can be difficult, but in life, everything can be challenging. It’s about choosing your battles,” Janet shared.

During the discussion, Janet also cautioned against tempting individuals who are striving to overcome specific addictions.

Drawing from her own experience, she urged empathy and understanding.

“I’ve lived a life where I can compare what life was like with that decision and life without it. When you’re trying to cultivate discipline, it may not come naturally to everyone. Sometimes we desire things that come effortlessly to us. To those who have chosen to quit drinking, please refrain from pressuring them to take a drink. You never know what they had to overcome to make that choice. Let them be. When I say I don’t drink, it’s not a flex; it’s merely the reality I decided for myself.”

Janet also touched on the challenges of maintaining a consistent exercise routine.

She highlighted the importance of perseverance and adapting to life’s unexpected interruptions, sharing that she exercises from home due to time constraints.

“Reaching your fitness goals or any personal goals takes time and dedication. Sometimes, life throws curveballs that force you to adjust your plans. The key is to keep going, even if it means adapting your workout routine to your current circumstances,” Janet noted.

Janet lit the screens for her presenting skills on television, where she anchored prime time news on Citizen TV.