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Janet Mbugua returns on screen, brings brother along to talk about depression – VIDEO

Celebrated media personality Janet Mbugua is back television screens, two years after she called it quits at Citizen TV.

On Thursday she brought along her elder brother to talk about mental health during the first episode of he show dubbed ‘Here & Now’ on NTV.

Kevin Mbugua, an actor and a singer, narrated how in 2007 he went through the the darkest patch of his life that made him contemplate suicide.

He recalled how one day on his way to Nairobi from Mombasa the thought of ending his life struck him.

“I pulled down the window and started throwing out my belongings one by one, emptying my suitcases in the process and by the time I was getting to Nairobi, I didn’t even have a suitcase,” he added.

On reaching the city, he went to several shops and started looking for something that was corrosive or poisonous enough to finish the job.

“I reached at a hardware store and looked at the toxic bottles and realized that I was not well. I called my mother, father and everybody in the family rallied behind me,” he stated.

Speaking to Nairobi News last week, Janet said she was still jittery about returning to TV.

“I am so jittery and that shows that I care about the product. A mentor once told me, the day you stop being nervous you should be worried,” she said.

Her new show gives the youth a voice and chance for a sober conversation on what is going on in their lives. Every week the show discusses various issues affecting the youth.