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Janet Mbugua speaks on the struggles that come with healing

Kenyan media personality Janet Mbugua is well-known for her charismatic presence and influential voice in the media industry. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour of her public persona, Janet has recently opened up about the often-unspoken challenges that come with the journey of healing.

In a candid discussion on her YouTube channel, she shared her thoughts on the paradox of feeling punished for trying to heal, a topic that resonates deeply with many.

Janet began by acknowledging her inclination toward privacy, making it clear that her reflections on healing are a significant departure from her usual guarded self. She shared, “It’s been hard for me to come out as myself because I am a very private person, so I really am reflecting on my current milestones.”

She goes on to discuss what she refers to as “the other side of healing,” a side seldom discussed but very real. It is the point in one’s journey where you begin to isolate yourself emotionally and mentally as a means of self-preservation.

Janet explains, “What I mean by that is that I have experienced situations where it’s almost like you’re isolating emotionally and mentally to self-preserve. You’re actually surviving. However, I made a note to let people in my life who I love know when I need a minute when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that I am dealing with.”

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Many people who have experienced trauma, loss, or difficult circumstances can relate to this phase. It is often the instinctive response to protect oneself when the weight of the world feels overwhelming.

Janet Mbugua’s wisdom comes from recognizing the need to communicate this internal struggle with the people she loves. She advises, “I made a note to let people in my life who I love know when I need a minute when I’m feeling overwhelmed with everything that I am dealing with.”

However, what the former news anchor found puzzling and disheartening is the reaction she received from some when she did reach out for support. She explained, “The thing is when you tell people that, some understand and others don’t. Some people take it personally, which is odd because you have already told them it’s not personal.”

Janet’s experience highlights a peculiar aspect of human behavior: when people are aware that you’re grappling with your own challenges, they may still exhibit a lack of empathy or even gaslight you. Gaslighting is the act of manipulating someone into doubting their own feelings, perceptions, or reality. It’s a cruel and disorienting experience, especially when one is already vulnerable.

“The sad part is that when you come up for air from isolating, people will punish you for trying to survive. It’s strange when people know you’re dealing with something but they still gaslight you it,” said Janet.

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