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Janet Mbugua swats away fan who offered parenting advice

By NAIRA HABIB October 9th, 2017 2 min read

Former Citizen TV news anchor Janet Mbugua has excited social media with a sweet response to a follower who sought to give her some parenting advice.

The mother of one had posted a picture of herself and her son as they were going to celebrate “Mum and anniversary”.

However what captured the eye of one of Janet’s followers was Baby Huru holding a stuffed teddy bear in one of his hands.

The user on Instagram, @Alvin_yert pointed out that Janet should have opted for her son to carry a toy car instead of a teddy bear considering he is a boy.

“Get him to carry a toy car instead of a teddy bear considering he is a boy. Looking good,” commented @Alvin_yert.

In a rejoinder, Ms Mbugua responded that her son has a million toy cars, and besides children should be allowed to carry whatever makes them happy.


“Hun, they should carry whatever makes them happy! He’s got a million cars, he just gets cuddly too!” responded Janet.

The exchange did not end there.

“It was on a light note and not a subject to be debated. Am also a mother of a girl and boy,” replied Alvin_yert.

Which elicited this comment from Janet; “It’s my response and I don’t see that I responded to you in a combative way. We can and should raise our children how we want. You can’t look at one photo and assume to have the picture. Facts only. Thanks.”

This attracted other followers to add their voice on the debate.

“Amazing how people make ignorant comments on social media over a glimpse of a snapshot in life. My son still carries a stuffed panda around and he is almost 7! Doesn’t that make me a bad parent??? Nope…just means I am a mom who allows her child to do whatever he needs to do to comfort himself. Do you mama…and leave that haters alone. People want little boys to grow up so fast and wonder why they turn into insensitive jerks,” wrote laveely.


“First of people are really hawk eyes I did not even notice the teddybear. Second. ummm what’s wrong with boys playing with Teddy’s I don’t even know why you had to justify why he was carrying one. Let the child be. Explore. Learn. What’s wrong with people!” wrote Justwereski.

“Of only some people would mind there business just for once this world would be so peaceful I love you @officialjanetmbugua and your prince charming is allowed to carry whichever type or kind of toy or bear he feels like,” wrote waiyaki_suzan.

“Acha mtoto abebe whatever makes him happy,” wrote kimathi_makena.

“When a see a cute pic of a lovely mom and son someone else is seeing a teddy bear. Wololo,” wrote ruthwaithera.