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Janet Mbugua: Why I no longer wear heels

Media personality Janet Mbugua says she lost the ability to wear heels when she became a mum.

The mother of two spoke to social media influencer Azziad Nasenya Wafula, who is popularly known as Azziad, on her show ‘Shoe Game’.

“I don’t like heels much, after having my firstborn in 2015-2016 then my second born in 2017, I did a c-section, I lost the ability to wear heels, so I fell deeply in love with sneakers,”

Since then, Janet has become a sneaker and comfortable shoe fanatic.

Janet also said she currently owns 40 pairs of shoes, having acquired the most expensive one in 2007 for Sh11,000.

“One of the first pairs of shoes I ever wore as a news anchor in 2007, was worth Sh11,000. I kept them for a really long time, but they served the purpose of news. They were really high heels, good quality, and they helped with the posture.”

Adding, “It was a painful experience because I wasn’t making that much money, but I had to invest in suits and shoes, three suits and that pair, but I kept them for like three or four years. So it paid off.”

Janet started her media career in 2003 at Pulse FM in Mombasa.

She would go on to make a name for herself in the industry before quitting in 2017 when she was one of the most prominent news anchors at Citizen TV.

“I was a new mum, an anchor, a brand ambassador, a moderator, a wife. That’s a lot. And while some people can do it, and I admire them, some of us just feel like we need to take a backseat and focus on certain things,” Janet said in a previous interview.