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Janet Mbugua’s battles with false labour as delivery date nears

Former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua has been experiencing false labour as her due date draws near.

The false labour has been in the form of discomfort and pelvic pressure.

Mbugua revealed on Tues that she is almost clocking 37 weeks and her due date had been set for September.

“I’m feeling like it will be much closer than it was said to be but then again I know sometimes that is what happens. I’m due very soon and so I’m trying to get my hospital bag ready and have done shopping,” she said.

Janet seems panicky with bouts of false labour.


“I’m definitely slowing down extremely tired and a lot of discomfort and someone told me that sounds like false labour and that made me panic so maybe it is maybe its not.”

The former news anchor announced her second pregnancy on NTV’s Trend and later went on to reveal through her YouTube channel that she might be expecting a boy and not twins as many of her fans had predicted.

She has so far revealed her wish to have a normal birth as opposed to the Caesarean Section she had for her first born son Huru.