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Janet Mbugua’s brother Timothy talks about her emotional wedding day

Timothy Mbugua, the twin brother of media personality Janet Mbugua, has opened up about the emotional moment he experienced during his sister’s wedding that took place in 2015 at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri county.

Janet, in a recent YouTube episode titled ‘Twin Therapy,’ shared intimate details about their bond, shedding light on aspects they both discovered about each other for the first time.

The milestone birthday celebration prompted a unique interview session between the siblings, delving into unexplored territories of their relationship.

Describing the episode as ‘twin therapy,’ Janet expressed how this experience allowed them to connect on a deeper level.

Among the questions posed during the interview, Janet inquired about the evolution of their bond over the years.

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Timothy, reflecting on Janet’s wedding day, revealed a profoundly emotional experience as he watched his sister walk down the aisle.

“For the first time in my life, something strange happened when you walked down the aisle. I realized that your life was officially moving in a new direction, and I broke down. It almost felt like saying goodbye, but throughout the years, your life evolved to each living by ourselves,” shared Timothy.

Janet acknowledged her brother’s feelings, explaining that Timothy was grieving the change since they had been inseparable for their entire lives.

Addressing her own accomplishments, Janet highlighted her commitment to using her career as a platform for positive change.

“My greatest achievement is being able to choose a path that would have an audience, which means that it comes with a lot of criticism and also a lot of attention. I would say what has come off my career path is my greatest achievement,” Janet reflected.

Janet Mbugua and her twin brother Timothy Mbugua marked their 40th birthday on January 11.