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Jaw-dropping revelation: Jovial’s new man takes internet by storm

Kenyan singer and songwriter Juliet Miriam Ayub alias Jovial recently surprised her social media followers by introducing her new partner to the online community. 

The popular artiste, known for her hit song Jeraha, decided to skip a low-key announcement and instead proudly declared that she is now in a committed relationship.

Jovial shared a series of photos showcasing her romantic getaway with her beau in the coastal region of Kenya. The photos captured their evident happiness and affection for each other, leaving fans and netizens astounded by the unexpected revelation.

The couple appeared deeply in love, radiating joy and contentment in each snapshot.

In an Instagram story update, the artiste receives affectionate kisses on her cheek and neck from a man who approaches her from behind, while warmly embracing her.

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Jovial’s joyful expression is evident as she records the adorable video, capturing their shared happiness. In another story, they are seen enjoying a meal by the Indian Ocean, with the said man a section of netizens seemed to recognize. 

The artiste emphasized that she feels deserving of this wonderful love and expressed deep gratitude for the happiness it brings. She also took a moment to inspire others, encouraging them not to feel guilty when happiness finds them unexpectedly.

“Whatever good that is happening in your life you deserve it! That is the Lord’s doing,” Jovial wrote accompanying the post with love and blushing face emojis.

Netizens, however, couldn’t help but quickly notice that Jovial’s new man is a face they have seen on their screens before, a fellow known to the public as Mike. He dated Lydia KM, a close friend of Murugi Munyi, and one of the hosts of the TMI podcast.

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The realization left jaws dropping with many internet users claiming that Mike has apparently “downgraded”. 

In September 2022, Jovial and singer Willy Paul fostered rumors of a blooming love affair. This led to the rise of a clout-chasing love agenda that netizens did not buy into. Eventually, it surfaced that the two artistes were simply creating buzz for a track they were composing together. 

This happened around the same time Mike’s relationship with Lydia ended, where they both chose not to publicly disclose the reasons behind their breakup.

However, speculation was rife that Mike’s move from Nairobi to Diani, Mombasa at the time could have sounded the death knell on their relationship. Before the move that was reportedly prompted by a new job, the two had moved in together and cohabited for about a year.

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