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Jay Dee’s lover fuels gay rumours with photo

By THOMAS MATIKO November 8th, 2018 2 min read

They say when it rain, it pours. Bongo singer Jay Dee is battling negative publicity courtesy of her relationship with Nigerian lover and music producer Spicy.

Just days after after fighting off rumors that she has broken up with Spicy, the hunk has now been accused of being gay.

Spicy fueled the rumours after posting a selfie picture of himself with a famous Nigerian gay Okuneye Idris, popularly known as Bobrisky.


Spicy explained that the picture was from a video shoot, but Tanzanian fans will hear none of it.


Many linked the photo to Spicy’s recent absence from Jay Dee’s public appearances.

One Malem Bakerry said; “Kashamla tayari, ila usijaribu kumuomba dada yetu (Jay Dee) huko.”

Nuru Mwakalinga urged Jay Dee to ensure Spicy undergoes HIV/Aids test when he returns to bongo.

“Ukija TZ kwa Jaydee kiandae kabisa kupimwa maana huyo ulie nae si salama kwa TZ pia kina mtu anaitwa konki master atakupima.”

Jacline Innocent dared Spicy not to return to TZ; “Unakula kiboga usirudi tena bongo Jide tutamtafutia mtu mwingine.”

Jasmine Shafi; “Shemeji achana mazoea na hilo shoga bwana.”

77Elizabeth; “Birds of a feather flock together.”


Spicy responded to the trolls by defending himself, taking heart from one of his fans who came to his defence.

Terry Mwanache: “Hivi what’s wrong with Tanzanians my ppo? So someone can’t shoot a video or pics with Bobrisky. Pls leave your mess in your country. Other people value their lives as humans too”

SpicyMuzik: My dear I waonder O. Just a video shoot. These guys are here insulting me. Even your Kommando has been calling me gay. Imagine. I’m so disappointed.”

Jay Dee has recently been hard pressed to explain why she has not been seen publicly together with Spicy.

She insists they are very much a couple but have been apart for a while due to work related issues as he runs his hustle in Nigeria.