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Jealous Akothee wishes she could pose nude like supermodel Naomi Campbell

Kenyan singer Akothee is jealous of supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Akothee has said she wishes she could pose nude in Kenya, just like Naomi Campbell just did, but fears the backlash she would get.

The mother of five wrote a lengthy post on Instagram, Akothee congratulated Naomi Campbell for her boldness.

She said fans would publicly ‘disown’ her if she ever took a nude picture.

Ms Campbell gave her fans a sneak peek to a photoshoot she is doing in collaboration with British Vogue magazine, sharing a picture of herself completely naked.

“If I do this kind of photoshoot, my passport will be marked red, never to step into Kenya land again, even with all the debts they have they will forget that and make this a topic, they will mistake that waist chain for rituals, I need this photoshoot in 2 weeks its summer some of my fans will disown me publicly, but own me privately some will call off the title role model but still have the screen shorts doing rounds on Akothees clubs, and their screen savers. Now they are on your page praising, black beauty this world is not our home, sisi wapita njia cute naomi do like you looking me sweetie,” wrote Akothee.

She later deleted the post.

Akothee is never shy at parading herself semi-nude especially in most of her performances.