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Jeff Koinange applauds CNN’s Larry Madowo for resilience in his career

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 21st, 2023 2 min read

Renowned media personality Jeff Koinange offered his praise and admiration for CNN journalist Larry Madowo, highlighting the latter’s exceptional resilience and dedication to the field of journalism.

Larry Madowo, a familiar face on Kenyan screens, has ascended the ranks of journalism with remarkable tenacity, captivating the attention of viewers nationwide.

Speaking on the Convo Podcast, Jeff Koinange emphasized the necessity of aggression and hard work in the journalism industry.

“You have to put in the work and work every day. It is 18 hours every day. Larry is fantastic, and the work he is doing is incredible, and he has always been a hard worker. He hops around. I don’t know how he does it from county to county. Larry, man, slow down,” Koinange remarked, acknowledging Madowo’s relentless commitment to his craft.

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Initially, Larry Madowo wanted to become a Catholic priest but ultimately did not pursue the career.

“I briefly trained to be a Catholic priest. My entire high school was spent at a Catholic seminary,” he said in a past interview.

Jeff Koinange himself is no stranger to the world of journalism.

After undertaking roles at various media outlets, he joined the venerable CNN as the Africa correspondent in 2001, marking a significant milestone in his career.

However, his departure from the network in 2007 was marred by controversies, and in a 2018 interview, he revealed that he had been terminated via a phone call.

Reflecting on his experiences, Koinange stressed the importance of financial stability in the United States, where he had worked for CNN.

Koinange reflected on his own career and the challenges of journalism.

He explained, “In the US, you have to pay bills and make ends meet, which is why you see people living there aggressively. People do more than three jobs daily to ensure they catch up with the expensive bills there.”

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