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Jeff Koinange opens up on struggles with infertility and meeting Nelson Mandela

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 29th, 2023 2 min read

Media personality Jeff Koinange has shared a deeply personal and emotional journey about his struggle to conceive a child with his wife, Sonia.

In a candid conversation on the Engage Talk Show, Jeff also discussed his encounter with the late Nelson Mandela.

During the talk show, Jeff reminisced about a moment that left an indelible mark on his life when he had the privilege to meet the iconic Nelson Mandela at a press conference.

Mandela, recognizing Jeff, mentioned that his grandfather had been a chief, a revelation that left Jeff awestruck.

However, what followed was a heartfelt revelation that touched the audience deeply.

“Hold that Mandela thought for a moment. At that time my wife and I had our greatest challenge, in that time was having a child. I don’t know if the machine wasn’t working anyway,” Jeff humorously quipped.

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He continued by sharing their tough journey towards parenthood, which involved trying various interventions, including in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Jeff narrated how they would attend gatherings at friends’ houses, where children played joyfully in the yard, constantly reminding them of their own heartache.

Amid their struggle, a friend offered them a glimmer of hope, suggesting a clinic in Barcelona, Spain, as a potential solution.

Jeff and Sonia decided to take the chance, which turned out to be their saving grace.

“A friend told us of a clinic in Barcelona, Spain, and we went there, and sure enough, it happened, and our son was born on July 31, 2007,” Jeff revealed, his face lighting up with joy as he recalled the momentous occasion.

Even the late Nelson Mandela, in his warm and inquisitive manner, would inquire about Jeff’s progress on the path to parenthood. Jeff shared,

“He would ask me, have you gotten me a grandson yet? I would tell him, Mr. President, we are trying.”

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Mandela’s response was characteristically empathetic, as he offered his assistance, prompting Jeff to chuckle:

“This guy spent 27 years in prison; he wants to help me out?”

The heartwarming twist in their story came seven months after this amusing exchange.

Jeff Koinange expressed how he couldn’t contain his excitement when he finally had the opportunity to share the news with Nelson Mandela’s office.

“I called his office and told them, can you tell Madiba that we finally have a son, and he is 8 months old, we are heading back to Nairobi. Can we bring him for Madiba to bless him?”

His request was met with approval, and the meeting that followed was nothing short of magical.

The late Nelson Mandela, touched Jeff’s son on the cheek, creating an unforgettable moment of bonding between the two.

“I have a photo of him if you don’t believe me, and they bonded. Unbelievable.”

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