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Jeff Mwathi’s mum blasts local radio station for DJ Fatxo interview

Ann Mwathi, the mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, has taken exception with one local radio station for calling her and later using the audio during an interview with DJ Fatxo.

According to the mother, the radio presenter should have called her when DJ Fatxo was at the radio station for her to have a one-on-one conversation with him.

Na nyinyi watu wa radio, siwezi sema ati mumefanya makosa lakini ni vibaya ni kunipigia simu asubuhi muniulize hizo maswali zote na hamjaniambia deejay ako huko kwa studio. Mungenipigia saa ile amekaa hapo ajibu maswali. Sio kupiga simu alafu munani record, alafu munasema ata sasa titapigia mama Jeff munaweka audio. Hio sio poa hata kidogo mungenipigia akiwa hapo. Mulinirecord asubuhi alafu mukaweka hapo watu wasikie (I can’t say it was wrong for the radio station to interview DJ Fatxo, but its wrong for them to call me in the morning and then later on use my audio while interviewing the DJ in the studio. They should have called me when DJ Fatxo was in the studio so that I could engage him.) Surely you should call me when he is there,” she said.

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During that interview, DJ Fatxo narrated the sequence of events leading Jeff’s death at his apartment. He maintained that he was not at the apartment when the unfortunate incident happened.

He also said he saw a lifeless body in the car park when he was coming back after he had driven three women who were in his apartment back to their homes. He said he only discovered later that it was the body of his friend Jeff. Mwathi.

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According to the DJ, one of the said women had an early shift so he dropped her off just before 5am. Feeling hungry, Fatxo decided to buy some mandazi, but ended up dozing off in his car because he was highly intoxicated. The DJ said he woke up around 9am and returned to his apartment.

To his surprise, the doorman asked him to register, which was unusual given that he lived there.

The doorman then informed him that someone had fallen from the top floor of the block and that the police were present. Jeff was buried on March 3, 2023 in Nakuru County.

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