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Jemutai: Why women love moneyed men

Women are naturally drawn to men who can provide. Being in a relationship with a man who can afford the finer things in life without so much of a struggle is a dream every woman has, whether she’s vocal about it or not. 

However, women have for the longest time been subjected to the notion that they have a high affinity for rich men just for the sweet life. But is that all there is?

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Comedienne Jemutai has now come out to shade light on why women go for men who have money and trust me, it’s not for the reasons you may have cooked up in your head. 

If there’s one thing many men, if not all, can agree to is that women are high maintenance. They frequently require pampering and many products to sustain their beauty and still maintain good health. Now, this is where it all starts. 


😂😂😂😂😂 Weeuh ongeza na make up 5 million goooone

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Women indeed are high maintenance, but have you given a thought as to why that’s the case, especially now more than ever? When was the last time you stepped into a beauty shop and asked about the price of basic feminine items and skincare products like face cream, face wash, toner, serum, and moisturizer just to mention a few? 

Women are heavily criticized for being “obsessed” with money, but one thing a great number of men don’t understand is that as women, the bar on semblance is raised way higher.

A woman is expected to age, but not look like it. She’s expected to be physically alluring but still maintain a natural “kienyeji” demeanor. Much to that expectation, comes a lot of financial weight. 

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A video post, the popular Churchill Show comedienne spoke about the struggle to maintain beauty as a woman. Jemutai also said feminine skin care products are too expensive and it’s just easier to be loved for good character. 

“Lakini mbona hamkutuambia skincare products ni expensive hivyo? Unaingia kwa duka hivi unanunua sijui face wash, toner, moisturizer, Vitamin E, Vitamin sijui C, sunscreen, meza collagen. Ukitoka hivi kwa duka 1 million imeisha. Ni nini hiyo tunang’ang’ania?” she posed.

“Hiyo pesa siwezi, it is too expensive. Sijui ni tax ya Kenya ama, but skincare products are legit too expensive. Mwanaume kuja tu na sura yako tutatumia yako,” she said. 

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