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Jesus look-alike wows residents of Zambian town

There was drama this week in a Zambian town when locals mistook a white tourist for Jesus the Messiah.

According to, residents of Chipata in Zambia were wowed by the tourist who was dressed in a long white robe and wearing long hair and long beard, after thinking he was the Biblical Son of Man.

Only later did they discover that their ‘Saviour’ was actually Antonio Boretti, a tourist from Italy.

“His entire appearance resembled that of the popular Western image of Jesus that has been engraved in most people’s minds, leading most Christians in Zambia to believe that he was Jesus coming back for the second time to judge the world,” wrote

“The local people followed him and some even worshiped him, showering him with gifts,” wrote the site.

“It must have been very confusing for the poor tourist who seemed like he did not understand what was going on but enjoying the attention nevertheless, when he saw people following him. Some believed it was Judgement Day and went to the extent of asking him to forgive them their sins.”