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Jesus never married, says pastor

An Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) preacher has termed as untrue claims that Jesus Christ was married with children.

Rev. Paul Korir on Subday said while Jesus had the spiritual and human sides, he was never married as claimed by two books.

Last week, the Nation carried stories, based on controversial texts portraying Jesus, the foundation of the Christian faith, as having been more human than Godly.

This has prompted reactions from a cross section of preachers who have dismissed the claims as false and blasphemous.

Rev Korir spoke at the All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, soon after a sermon by Canon Sammy Wainaina who said Jesus Christ was both human and divine.


“Jesus Christ was fully human and fully divine. That is why, as humans, we are able to relate with Jesus and still look up to him for divine guidance,” Rev Wainaina told the congregation during yesterday’s Sunday service.

On Friday, ACK Mombasa Diocese Bishop Julius Kalu and Kenya National Muslims Advisory Council chairman Sheikh Juma Ngao also dismissed the two books.

In one of the stories, The Lost Gospel, one of the books claims that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and the couple had two children.

The other book compares the Biblical story of Jesus and accounts developed by historians as informed by Australian Barbara Thiering, a theologian and writer, and which show a lot of disagreements between the two accounts.

Meanwhile, Rev Wainaina said Christians have themselves to blame for falling prey to con preachers.

“Christians should be able to spot false preachers and resist them. We preach a faith that calls for understanding,” he said.