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Why Kenyans have trashed ‘Jicho Pevu’ exposé on Chris Msando

By THOMAS MATIKO October 21st, 2018 2 min read

Nyali Member of Parliament Mohammed Ali’s much touted investigative piece on the mysterious murder of former IEBC ICT manager Chris Msando has fallen short of the expectations of many Kenyans.

While reacting to the investigative piece, titled Dunia Gunia, which was released this week, many Kenyans on social seemed to be of the view that the documentary failed to reveal anything unknown to the public.

On great concern to many of the MP’s critics is that the piece came nowhere close to uncovering the killers of Msando and his female companion, Carol Ngumbu, more than one year after their shocking disappearance and subsequent gruesome murder.

The remains of the two victims were discovered a day after they were reported missing on Friday July 28, 2017, slightly more than a week to the General Election of August 8, 2017.

Many had expected that Ali, a much-respected investigative journalist who exposed many scandals at the height of his career, would have shade some light on the macabre murder in his documentary.


Many of them ended up disappointed with the final product.

On social media, the disappointed lot spared no effort in their harsh criticism of Ali’s first installment of his once popular Jicho Pevu series as an MP.

“Not sure anyone would be interested watching such. Bebea baba Abby bahasha,” one user by the name Wilgat commented.

“Dunia Gunia is when you decide to use taxpayers to go and watch the World Cup,” wrote one Kenyan Youth.

Wycliffe Ochieng said “Someone is trying to redeem himself with this Dunia Gunia. We are not watching,” while Simple X wrote “Kindly talk about the current state of the nation. Especially corruption. Hizi vitu zote unatwambia tumeziona kwa TV.”

William Saalu commented “The only good thing about this piece is the ‘Dunia ina mambo’ song. Ooh I miss Tahamaki,” while Khamala Khwa Nanyama said “Useless piece. You are struggling to win the trust of Kenyans. Wewe tanga tanga tu.”