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Jicho Pevu journalist denies meeting Ciku

Journalist Mohamed Ali has introduced a new twist in the defamation case filed against him by former radio queen Wanjiku Muiruri also known as Ciku.

Popularly known for his investigative series Jicho Pevu, Mr Ali alleged he had never met his accuser who claimed that her personality and future prospects were ruined after she was featured in a clip titled Jicho Pevu – Ghururi la Saitoti (The inside story concerning Saitoti’ death) and wanted to be compensated for damages.

The clip sought to explain circumstances leading to the death of former National Security Minister George Saitoti.

On the counter

It was aired in April last year and featured Artur Sargsyan and Artur Margaryan, commonly known as the Artur brothers.

In the same clip, one of the brothers, Margaryan, is seen lifting a woman (Ms Muiruri) and placing her on a counter.

The complainant, in her court papers, explained that she was an unnecessary person in the entire documentary, but Mr Ali refused to edit her out as was done in the English Version titled “The Inside Story”.

Mr Ali has, however, said he did not have prior knowledge of the woman when she was captured in the company of the Arturs.

“I didn’t know who the woman was, as I had never met or seen her. I later learnt, through social media, that the lady in question was Ms Muiruri and that she aired a radio show, Busted, on a local station,” he said.

He added that one of the many clips, showed the residence of the Arturs with all the five brothers.

“It was at this point that I saw it fit, to show Kenyans how many brothers the Arturs were because they had only seen two.”

Ms Muiruri, however, said the Artur brothers’ story was one that every journalist wanted to get to the bottom of, especially because they were using the official Government VIP lounge at the airport.

She added that around that time, rumours had it that Mr Artur Margaryan was romantically involved with Ms Winnie Wangui  Mwai, who was also a controversial figure and the subject of three State House public communications since January, 2004.

“I believe that the issue on Ms Winnie and Mr Margaryan was a journalist’s dream. The only question was who was going to tell it,” stated Ms Muiruri.

Ms Muiruri said that sometime in 2012, she received a call from Mr Ali and he wanted her to give him Ms Winnie’s phone number as she used to see her often.

“Mr Ali pleaded with me to give him the number, but I refused and asked him to find another link to her,” she said.

Months later, Ms Muiruri was featured in the Ghururi ya Saitoti, an investigative report that touched on the death of prominent persons, drug barons and alleged executions. An instance she believes, clearly inferred she was one of the persons Mr Ali was talking about.

“I strongly believe that one of the key motivators in putting me in the clip was my refusal to give him Winnie’s phone number,” said Ms Muiruri.

She said the clip was taken at a time she was working as a journalist and that she was knowingly selected, from among many other unconcerned persons and media personalities, who had attended a function with the Artur Brothers when the two invited media personalities at their home in Runda estate, Nairobi.

“I am aware Mr Magaryan lifted me and placed me on a counter, which was surprising to me and we then posed for pictures. However, it was not unusual for him as I was not the only one he took pictures with in this fashion during the said evening,” Ms Muiruri.