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Jilted lover charged with beating up ‘mumama’ after she kicked him out

A jilted man who beat up his estranged girlfriend after she kicked him out of her house in Nairobi pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully assaulting her.

Elvis Mwanza,33, was charged with willfully and unlawfully assaulting Mercy Wanjiru along Mfangano Street in downtown Nairobi on March 18 this year contrary to section 251 of the Penal Code.

He admitted the charges before Senior Principal Magistrate Mary Njagi of the Makadara Law Courts.

Ms Wanjiru, 40, was at work where she sells fruits when Mwanza went to the business and started eating the fruits that he had not paid for.

He later started throwing away some of the fruits before Ms Wanjiru started restraining him.

The accused person allegedly became violent and started beating up the complainant and destroying her items.

Ms Wanjiru was rescued by members of the public who intervened and removed Mr Mwanza from the scene before he took off fearing the public’s wrath.

The complainant who had sustained injuries on the head and hands after she was floored by Mr Mwanza was taken to a hospital where she was treated before reporting the matter to Kamukunji police station.

Police investigations established that the two were formerly lovers and Ms Wanjiru had previously kept Mwanza in her house because he was homeless, but they broke up and she kicked him out before he decided to revenge, to compel her into accepting him back.

He had been following her everywhere before the assault incident happened.

In court, Mwanza who is a porter in the area claimed that the complainant is his wife and they have been undergoing difficulties adding that she has been persecuting him.

However, Ms Njagi cut him short and told him to wait until the prosecution avails the facts of the case against him in court before he is given an opportunity to mitigate.

The case will be mentioned on October 26 when the court’s prosecutor will avail facts of the case and exhibits including Ms Wanjiru’s treatment notes before Mwanza is convicted and sentenced.

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